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Fun and Educational Bug Activities for Kids and Teachers

Nader's Pest Raiders offers kids, customers, and teachers a way to familiarize themselves with the various kinds of bugs and pests that we all encounter, as well as a way to have fun with the subject as well. Check out our repository of kids activities and teacher resources - there is plenty of information and fun to be had!

Kids Printable Bug Coloring Books

Kids love to color and draw, so Nader's was happy to put together a few free coloring pages that are available for download. This is an easy and fun way for kids to familiarize themselves with the world of bugs and pests.

Click on image to download and print.

Download Our Coloring Page for Ants

Download Our Coloring Page for Ants

Download Our Coloring Page for Ladybugs

Download Our Coloring Page for Ladybugs

Learn about Common Pests and Insects

Pests, rodents, and other types of creatures have many interesting facts and statistics that are fun to learn about. Nader's Pest Raiders has put together a comprehensive learning center to give our customers and teachers an easy way to get up to speed.

Pest World For Kids

Pest World for Kids

If you would like to find additional resources for your kids to learn about the bug world, be sure to check out this great resource from the National Pest Management Association. At, there is an abundance of different activities, learning materials, and even K-8 lesson plans for teachers to make sure that your kids get up to speed.

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