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Florida Termite Control, Protection, and Treatment Solutions

Termite control services are key to maintaining your home, especially in Florida where drywood and subterranean termites regularly cause substantial property damage. Each year, billions of dollars in home damage can be directly associated with termites. Unfortunately, most homeowners insurance will not cover this damage. The first step to protecting your home is to get a comprehensive termite inspection to identify any existing damage and potential threats from termites.

Nader's Professional Termite Services Can Help

Nader's Pest Raiders' termite control, treatment and prevention services provide the most effective solution for fighting these destructive pests.  We consistently go Beyond The Call to protect your family's property and to give careful consideration to our environment when going through the termite treatment process.

Nader's proprietary STEPS® Total Protection System ensures your family and home are protected inside and out.  A central piece of that total protection is the Sentricon® Termite Colony Elimination System with Always Active™ technology. More homeowners prefer Sentricon over any other solution.

Sentricon protects your home from termites 24/7/365 using the most effective and environmentally responsible solution available today.  Sentricon is trusted to protect the Statue of Liberty and the White House from termites and the professionals at Nader's Pest Raiders  are the leading installers of Sentricon in the world.  Get the best from the best.

See How Nader's Pest Raiders Goes Beyond the Call to Protect Your Home

Our Termite Protection Services are 100% Guaranteed

Nader's Pest Raiders is proud to stand behind our customers with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

**This guarantee is provided as long as you renew your termite control agreement each year, and services are provided as stated in your contract.


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