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Lawn & Ornamental Care Services

Take Your Yard Back

Lawn and ornamental pests can greatly impact your enjoyment of your outdoor living space.  With specialized training and the expertise to rid your property of these formidable pests, you can trust Nader's Pest Raiders to protect your family's health and your investment.  Our services include a thorough inspection of your lawn to identify any trouble spots or conducive conditions and treatment in  the most effective and environmentally responsible manner availabe on the market today.  Nader's Pest Raiders is Green Industry - Best Management Practices certified by the University of Florida's Florida Friendly Landscaping Program.

Keep Your Lawn Healthy and Beautiful

Many Florida lawns, gardens, shrubs and trees are threatened each year by pests such as chinch bugs, aphids, mites, grubs and more. The warm climate makes most of these pests a threat year round causing extensive damage and even killing plants in severe cases.  Aphids and white flies feed on tender plant parts and have the ability to transmit viruses.  Chinch bugs cause serious damage to turf grass causing it to turn yellow and die.  Grubs also attack lawns eating roots, shoots and blades of grass and mites affect ornamental plants by sucking the juice out of delicate foliage.

Fertilization and Weed Control

Providing the right nutrients at the right time to lawns, trees and ornamental plants ensures they have the necessary foundation to thrive all year long.  If not kept in check, aggressive weeds such as crabgrass, dollar weed, goose grass, oxalis and clover can take over an entire lawn in no time.

Make the Right Choice with a Trusted Leader

As part of the STEPS® Total Protection System, our lawn and ornamental care services deliver impressive results.  Choose from one of our exclusive service programs specially designed for the Florida climate which offer year-round protection for your lwan.  Our licensed service professionals can also design a customized program to meet your specific needs.

Your total satisfaction is guaranteed.*

As with all services provided by Nader's Pest Raiders, your service professional will discuss the problem and all viable solutions so you have a thorough understanding of your options.  We want you to feel good about the decision you make.  Your 100% satisfaction is our number one goal.

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*Lawn services are available in limited geographic areas. Check with a Nader's representative for more details.

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