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Fire Ant Control

With Fire Ant Pest Control, Time Is of the Essence

Fire ants in your lawn are a fact of life in North Florida. In fact, in heavily affected areas, there can easily be twice as many fire ants per acre as there are people in the entire state of Florida! Outdoor fire ant control can be extremely difficult, so the services of a professional fire ant exterminator are usually necessary if you notice one of their telltale mounds. These aggressive pests live in large populations and will attack anything that disturbs their nest. Fire ant bites are more than just a nuisance, as they can be very painful and cause a welt that lasts several days. They can also cause severe allergic reactions in some victims. Unfortunately, since this breed of ant usually gathers in enormous numbers, people often experience more than one bite if they come in contact with a colony.

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Protect Your Family and Home with Complete Fire Ant Control

We are excited to announce that our services are 100% guaranteed with the STEPS® Total Protection System™ for outdoor ant control. Make sure that you reclaim your yard this year with fire ant exterminator services from Nader’s Pest Raiders.

Year-Round Protection

In neighborhoods with especially high fire ant concentrations, year-round prevention is the recommended choice for control. This fire ant control service includes quarterly inspections and necessary treatments and guarantees year-round protection.

One-Time Fire Ant Treatment

If fire ants invade your yard, Nader’s has the expertise to treat that infestation so you can reclaim your yard so you can enjoy your property to the fullest.

Nader's Pest Raiders guarantees your 100% total satisfaction

Nader's Pest Raiders
Guarantees Your Total Satisfaction

With the STEPS Total Protection System, all of our pest control services are 100% guaranteed. We've built our reputation on standing by our customers with the best guarantee in the business.

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