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Termite Control

Gary W. was my home termite inspector today conducting my annual inspection. I was very pleased. I just wanted to let someone know that Gary conducted himself in a professional manner and is very knowledgeable of his job. He was able to answer all of my questions and was a pleasure to work with. He took his job seriously and just did a great job.

It is nice doing business with Raider’s Pest Raiders because of the ladies that answer the phone to the men in the field!

Carla W.

Home Services, Other Services

I would like to recognize Gary Y. for his superior customer service, he has taught me more about my lawn than anyone and I appreciate his service. Keep hiring Gary's!


Home Services

My lawn that Naders is treating is the best lawn in the neighborhood. My lawn was the worst at one point. Thank you for everything.


Home Services, Other Services

In the 19 years that I've lived in this house, the yard has never looked this good, and that is in spite of the beastly weather that we've had. David M. is my technician.


Pest Control, Other Services

Mr. R. called and is very happy with our lawn service; he has already referred one customer and said another should be calling. Everyone is commenting on how good his lawn looks. Good job Jason!


Wildlife Control

My buddy Barbara at L. E. called last night to say how thrilled they were with their recent rodent service. I assume it was Chris (not posted yet) but she said he went way above and beyond what they expected and happily checked a few extra areas when asked. A. L. (owner) even came out of his office to thank the tech - he was that good.

They have had HORRIBLE rat problems for years (next door to ........ so you can imagine) and have not seen a single rat since we started doing Rodent Control. Barbara is happy and A. L. is happy that Barbara has quit screaming.


Pest Control

Your company does a fantastic job! The yard and home - both are pest free thank you!

G.G. & S.G.

Pest Control, Other Services

Mr. Turner called today and said Jason is his technician, said he has his lawn the way he wants it always looking "GREAT". He is a professional and feels he is an asset to the company, he has trust in him and his advice, can't say enough.


Pest Control, Other Services

We have had great experience with Nader's and have been impressed with your staff and the customer service/support.  Thank you!

Jennifer R.

Pest Control, Other Services

I am VERY pleased with your service and you have given me peace of mind knowing my home is protected with your termite services.

Robert P.

Pest Control, Other Services

Your technicians came today and performed the termite services we ordered.  They were professional and very informative about the processes and we are very pleased with your services.

Randy M.

Pest Control, Other Services

This brief note is a small attempt to say thank you to all your service personnel that have been servicing our home for many years. We are very pleased with the time that they have shared with us and the referrals they have all received while taking care of the needs of our house and property.

John & Margaret M.

Pest Control

I am in charge of pest control for many properties on Amelia Island, Florida.  I have been working with Gary for several years now and want you to know what an excellent job he is doing for us.   I see him twice a week and often my list of extra service calls is more than one person should be able to handle.  Somehow, Gary always gets it done or follows up the next day.  He is responsive, courteous and hardworking.  He is a great asset to your company.

The other Nader people I work with are equally terrific.  From Terri, Elizabeth and Kathleen in the office to Jodi, Francis, Robert and Lee in the field, these folks, like Gary, are true and positive examples of the American work ethic.

Jane M.

Wildlife Control

We have been clients of Nader's for several years. People rarely take the time anymore to write notes about the people they corne in contact with at companies, but I have to write to you about Richie G.

Richie has made several visits to our horne on Amelia Island Plantation over the past couple of months regarding animals in our attic. He is by far the most professional, efficient, fearless, courteous, gracious, and friendly person with whom I have ever dealt. He clearly 'knows his stuff and shares his knowledge easily and clearly. He is always on time, accommodates our needs as they corne up (critter caught but still bouncing around!), and keeps in touch when he needs to.

I hope you will pass this along to Richie on our behalf, and refer this to his file as appropriate. He is an exceedingly valuable member of your team!

S.M. and B.D.