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Selling Your Pest Control Business?

If you are interested in selling your pest control business, Nader’s Pest Raiders’ Business Development branch would love to talk to you. Nader’s is a member company of Arrow Exterminators, the nation's second largest family-owned pest and termite control company on that list. We believe that our continued growth will come from two sources: 1) building our customer base by taking excellent care of new and existing customers and 2) expanding our base of customers by merging with other high quality pest control businesses. Whether your business is located in one of our existing markets or a potential new market, we are interested in talking with you.

Arrow is committed to:

  • An aggressive and fair approach to valuing your business
  • Flexibility in the agreement with terms to suit you
  • Special attention to your personal needs and requirements
  • Excellent opportunities and benifits for employees
  • Care for you, your people, your culture and your customers
  • Unparalled commitment to the inductry


Listen below as Arrow's President and CEO Emily Thomas Kendrick discusses the passionate culture that drives the Arrow Exterminators Family of Companies!

ETK M&A Podcast

Call today, or use the electronic form below... even if you're not ready to sell right now, you should know what Arrow has to offer. All inquiries and discussions are held in the strictest of confidence.

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